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3 July 2015

Historical Fiction Spotlight ~ The Banneret's Blade - Revenge is Sweet, by Nick De Rothschild

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The year is 1339, King Edward III is on the throne, French and Genoese warships continue their attacks on the English coast, and Sir Roger de Bohun, the Banneret, has been asked by the king to steal back his crown from the Prince-Bishop of Mainz and replace it with a counterfeit.
This epic tale picks up where The Banneret’s Blade: Trouble Brewing left off—the early days of the Hundred Years’ War, on the eve of the all but forgotten great naval Battle of Sluys.
Full of mutinous sailors, great sea battles and land wars, pirate raids, double-crossing spies embroiled in political intrigue, passionate affairs, and men caught up in forces beyond their control, this meticulously researched novel brings the history of medieval Europe to life.
The Banneret’s Blade: Revenge is Sweet invites readers into a world seemingly descending into chaos and introduces them to fascinating and complex characters driven by all manner of motives. Fans of sweeping works of historical fiction by genre masters such as Ken Follett and Bernard Cornwell will delight in the emergence of another great new voice on the scene.

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About the Author

Nick de Rothschild graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Archaeology, Anthropology, and History of Art. Despite being a scion of the famed Rothschild banking dynasty, he never became a banker. Instead he was a pioneer in the video industry in London, before moving to the New Forest in Hampshire to look after his family's estate at Exbury, where his grandfather created the world renowned Exbury Gardens. An avid filmmaker, Rothschild occasionally makes movies about the Gardens and likes to think of himself as 'the man who lives in paradise.' In his spare time, he enjoys collecting nerines and photographing South African flowering bulbs. Find out more at and you can follow Nick on Twitter

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