19 August 2015

Special Guest Post: Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen, by Samantha Wilcoxson

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Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen is the culmination of two years of working and dreaming. I am so excited about telling Elizabeth of York’s story and hearing what readers think about her. My journey started with inspiration from several sources, encouraging me to write the type of historical fiction that I love to read.

I chose Elizabeth as my focus for several reasons. The Wars of the Roses is a historic era that I love to read and learn about. Many of the key players in this conflict have been well covered in both fiction and nonfiction. Elizabeth had a unique role as a prominent member of the Plantagenet royal family before the dynasty’s downfall and as the first queen of the new Tudor dynasty. Despite the important position that she held, before and after Bosworth, Elizabeth is often only discussed in passing. I wanted to fully feature her life and what it felt like to birth a new dynasty.

Elizabeth of York is quiet in history books, and her true feelings and emotions are fairly unknown. Creating a personality for her was a challenge because of this, but that quietness was also a clue to her supportive and devoted character. I allowed her faith and family loyalty to be the main driving forces in her life.

One cannot write about Elizabeth and Henry Tudor without delving into the mysteries of Perkin Warbeck and the Princes in the Tower. Throughout my novel, I strive to keep the focus on Elizabeth and not let these issues to become the center of her story. She does wonder about the fate of her brothers and is eventually motivated to attempt to discover the truth, but Edward and Richard are not the main characters here. My treatment of Perkin, I will leave as a surprise!

Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen covers the entirety of Elizabeth’s life, from her childhood until her untimely death. I have grown close to her through this process and hope that my readers grow to love her as well.

Samantha Wilcoxson
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About the Author

Samantha Wilcoxson is an American writer and history enthusiast. Author of three novels, No Such Thing as PerfectOver the Deep: A Titanic Adventure, and Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen: The Story of Elizabeth of York. She lives in Michigan with her husband and three children. Connect with Samantha at Goodreads and on Twitter @carpe_librum.


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