28 August 2015

Book Review - Tudor Wales, by Nathen Amin

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As Nathen Amin points out in this useful guide, we often hear of ‘Tudor England’ so people can be forgiven for not knowing that the dynasty has its roots in Wales. I live in Wales and have regularly visited many of the places listed but still found plenty to learn about our Tudor Heritage.

A good example is Carew Castle, which Nathen describes as ‘the largest Tudor house in Wales.’  I can remember when it was an overgrown ruin, fenced off because of the danger of falling masonry. Although the Carew family still own the castle, it is now leased to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which has placed the castle firmly on the tourist map, with excellent facilities.

Carew Castle at Sunset
I share Nathen’s disappointment with what remains of Carmarthen Castle, site of the death of Edmund Tudor, the unlucky father of King Henry VII. The building of a Victorian gaol (now the Council offices) means little more remains beyond the impressive gatehouse. Visitors find some consolation at the magnificent cathedral of St David’s, where Edmund’s tomb was moved to by his grandson, King Henry VIII.

Pembroke Castle Today
I also agree that the most impressive Tudor castle in Wales is the birthplace of King Henry VI and home of Jasper Tudor, in Pembroke. The Great Keep is seventy-five feet high and twenty feet thick at the base - and it is still possible for visitors to climb to the top and understand why the castle is one of the few which was never taken in a siege. Pembroke Castle has also been restored and preserved, with good interpretation. Always worth a visit, there is an excellent programme of events throughout the summer months.

Well researched and informative, this book takes the reader on a detailed tour of the whole of Wales and is highly recommended for anyone who would like to understand more about the Tudors.

Tony Riches 

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   About the Author

Nathen Amin grew up in the heart of Carmarthenshire and has long had an interest in Welsh history and the Welsh origins of the Tudors. This passion has guided him all over Wales to visit a wide variety of historic sites, which he has photographed and researched for this book. He has a degree in Business and Journalism and is the founder of the Henry Tudor Society. Find out more at his website nathenamin.com and follow Nathen on Facewbook and Twitter @NathenAmin.

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