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15 October 2015

Historical Fiction Spotlight: The Secret Diary of Eleanor Cobham

Available in paperback and eBook on Amazon UK and Amazon US 

England 1441:  Lady Eleanor Cobham, Duchess of Gloucester, hopes to become Queen of England before her interest in astrology and her husband’s ambition leads their enemies to accuse her of a plot against the king. Eleanor is found guilty of sorcery and witchcraft. Rather than have her executed, King Henry VI orders Eleanor to be imprisoned for life. 

More than a century after her death, carpenters restoring one of the towers of Beaumaris Castle discover a sealed box hidden under the wooden boards. Thinking they have found treasure, they break the ancient box open, disappointed to find it only contains a book, with hand-sewn pages of yellowed parchment.

Written in a code no one could understand, the mysterious book changed hands between antiquarian book collectors for more than five centuries. After years of failure to break the code, experts finally discover it is based on a long forgotten medieval dialect and are at last able to decipher the secret diary of Eleanor Cobham.

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