3 November 2015

Book Launch ~ The Tudor Tutor: Your Cheeky Guide to the Dynasty, by Barb Alexander

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From the bloody Wars of the Roses to Queen Elizabeth I’s iconic rule, the Tudor Dynasty was a period of sex, scandal, and intrigue. Monarchs such as Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I have become a part of modern pop culture, resulting in endless parodies, satires, rumors, and urban legends that grace our television screens. But like all urban legends and parodies, facts surrounding the lives of these rulers are greatly exaggerated. In this entertaining guide, Barb Alexander serves to debunk those rumors and educate you about the dynasty.

History doesn’t have to be dry, boring, and difficult to read. As an educator, Barb knows exactly how to engage an audience. This pocket-sized guide is not only informative, but also filled with cheek, snark, and wit. With 50 beautiful illustrations that depict Tudor monarchs and key players during their rule, this book is guaranteed to garner a chuckle or two. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the lesson. Before long, you’ll be sharing Tudor history facts that will be sure to impress your less informed peers.
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About the Author

Barb Alexander is an elementary school teacher, and started The Tudor Tutor blog back in 2009 as a way of merging history education and humor. As a former resident of England, she stood where Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard were executed, Elizabeth I and Mary I are buried, Edward VI was baptised, Henry VIII feasted, and scores of English monarchs were crowned. She would have asked to try out the Coronation Chair but Westminster Abbey probably frowns upon that sort of thing. Her lifelong interest in England and its history, as well as her inclination to educate, come together in her first book, The Tudor Tutor: Your Cheeky Guide to the Dynasty. Find out more at http://tudortutor.com/ and follow Barb on Twitter @tudortutor.

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