5 November 2015

Guest Post by Marissa Lutz: Inkitt - Read Tomorrow's Best-Sellers Today

Inkitt’s goal is to help up-and-coming writers become the successful authors of tomorrow. In order to do this, Ali Albazaz, Inkitt’s founder, began constructing a positive publishing platform for both readers and writers. Since it’s inception, Inkitt has grown into a supportive, revolutionary community where authors can share their work and receive constructive feedback from fellow writers, literary professors, and well-established, published novelists.

Inkitt is unique in that it offers a space of encouragement as well as one of evolution. Writers are encouraged to hone their skills and grow an ever-growing, loyal readership. With its large base of readers and writers, by simply signing up for the site any aspiring writer is granted access to thousands of talented, like minded individuals, as well as a community that consistently encourages and aids writer development. That being said, the best part is that the user-base never feels that large; it is a big city site with a small town intimacy. Many writers on the site have developed personal friendships, gained mentors, and found an avenue to share resources, develop plots, and evolve their own ideas.

Other than the userbase, another major benefit for writers on Inkitt is the feedback. Not only does Inkitt have an established base of talented writers, many of whom are successful authors themselves, but there are also reviewers who have the ability to provide in depth story reviews and offer constructive insight into any piece of new literary work. This is an exceptionally useful tool, one that allows for high-quality feedback within a controlled, well monitored and supported environment. Such an atmosphere encourages confidence, and from that confidence emerges a number of new opportunities, challenges, and experiences for authors.

Many writers on Inkitt have told us that the Inkitt community itself is the reason they have begun writing anew. The site inspires people to start writing everyday; to pick up a dusty pen or brave the novel they never finished...or started. There is a power in Inkitt, and that power has seen the emergence of new authors, new stories, and an ever evolving, dynamic literary community.

Inkitt is consistently pushing writers to stretch their boundaries. Ever since February, we have been running free contests forwriters. We will definitely continue running contests, encouraging authors to dip their toes into new genres, and inspiring readers to explore types of stories they may not have considered.

The best part? The quality. We have a dedicated quality assurance team, that checks each and every story for writing style, grammar, and ensures it meets the Inkitt guidelines before receiving site approval. This means that the stories on the site are guaranteed to be worth reading. We hope to find future bestsellers and uncover authors who will soon find their work on bookshelves worldwide. So whether you like to read greatfantasy stories, science fiction stories, or scaryhorror stories, we know you can find your next favorite book on Inkitt :)

Finally, no site that encourages positive evolution can be expected to remain in stasis. Inkitt is currently developing an analytics tool that will allow the authors on the site to view the statistics related to their story; the reader numbers, the consumption rates, the unique hits...everything. Anything that will allow us to see which stories are most loved, most clicked on, and most thoroughly enjoyed - we will allow authors to track it, and we will let them know their progress so that they can successfully work their way toward a best-seller list.

If you’re a writer or avid reader, we would love to have you come and join the Inkitt family. We would be more than happy to welcome you with open arms and know you’ll feel at home.

Marissa Lutz

The Inkitt Team:

Inkitt truly believes in the magic of ideas, words, and inspiration, which is exactly why we believe in authors. Authors set out to empower people and impact lives with their words, and they’re the heart and soul of Inkitt. We’ve set out to help authors do just that, and we couldn’t love what we do more.

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