23 March 2016

New Historical Fiction: The Voyage of Odysseus: Volume 5 (The Adventures of Odysseus) by Glyn Iliffe

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The armies of Troy have been defeated and the city lies in ruins, but for Odysseus his greatest challenge is just beginning. 

With his oath fulfilled, Odysseus sets sail for Ithaca and the long-awaited reunion with his family. But the gods who were once his allies have turned against him, exiling him and the warrior Eperitus into a world populated with seductive demi-gods and man-eating monsters. 

As they struggle from one supernatural encounter to another, never knowing what the next landfall will bring, their chances of ever returning home grow fainter. Tensions reach breaking point between Odysseus and his crew. Even the faithful Eperitus’s loyalties are divided. 

Eventually only one hope remains. For Odysseus to see his wife and son again, he must tread the paths of the dead and descend into the pits of Hell… 

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About the Author
Glyn Iliffe studied English and Classics at Reading University, England, where he developed his passion for the stories of ancient Greek mythology. Well travelled, Glyn has visited nearly forty countries, trekked in the Himalayas, spent six weeks hitchhiking across North America and had his collarbone broken by a bull in Pamplona. He is married with two daughters and lives in Leicestershire. He is currently working on the sixth and concluding book in his Adventures of Odysseus series. Find put more at his website www.glyniliffe.com and find Glyn on Twitter @GlynIliffe

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