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27 August 2016

Book Launch ~ The Napoleon Complex, by E.M. Davey

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Reporter Jake Wosley has seen things he never thought possible. After stumbling across secret documents showing Winston Churchill's interest in the ancient Etruscan civilisation, his life changed forever. Now he lies in hiding in Thailand, trying to put the past behind him. When a letter arrives, featuring genuine quotes from Napoleon about fate and destiny, he has no idea who it’s from but knows he is no longer safe. And when Jenny, his former lover and confidant reaches out to him, in terrible danger, Jake has no choice but to come to her aid. Unearthing secrets many want to get their hands on, can Wosley evade Washington and MI6? 

How was Napoleon able to coordinate his armies over great distances in an age before radio or the telegraph? What lay behind his string of astonishingly accurate predictions? And how did the son of a provincial Corsican family raise himself up to be the most powerful man on earth?

The second instalment of the epic Book of Thunder series catapults reporter Jake Wolsey into the seismic geopolitical events of the nineteenth century. But if Napoleon Bonaparte obtained the ability to predict the future, why was he ever defeated? And could the Etruscans’ sacred text have fired the growth of the greatest empire the world has ever seen – the superpower that flourished under the Union Jack?

Wolsey’s bid to uncover the secret history of Britain’s golden age takes in Sierra Leone, Israel, Egypt, Thailand, Austria, Tanzania and Burundi – and peers back into the smoky Westminster drawing rooms of leading Victorian statesmen.

Can Wolsey evade the attention of the Washington and MI6? Will he prevent the bid of a maniacal Prime Minister to help the sun rise on a new British Empire? And can he solve the Napoleon Complex once and for all?
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About the Author

E. M. Davey is a 32-year-old journalist at the BBC specialising in undercover investigative journalism. When not working he enjoys travel to far-flung and occasionally dangerous spots to research his fiction, and just for the heck of it. He has backpacked 47 countries (and counting), including somewhat hairy environs such as the Congo, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Burundi. Earlier this year he drove along the Afghan border with Tajikistan. He grew up in Bristol and lives in south London. He studied history at the London School of Economics and cut his journalistic teeth at the Islington Gazette. At the BBC he has written for the national website, produced programmes on the World Service and is currently an investigative reporter/producer at BBC London. History – particularly classical history –has been his lifelong passion. Find him on Twitter @EdDavey1.

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