10 August 2016

Book Review: Henry VII The Maligned Tudor King, by Terry Breverton

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Terry Breverton’s passion for the subject shines through in his much-awaited new book on King Henry VII. I was fascinated by the fresh perspective of this weighty book (at over 400 pages). With a good collection of colour illustrations, this is a ‘must’ for anyone with an interest in the Tudors. Terry has taken the interesting approach of examining Henry’s life through a narrative of where he was at each point in time, and addresses the many errors often repeated about Henry Tudor.

Henry’s path to the throne of England is an amazing story, told with Terry Breverton’s well-informed and engaging style. How could this unassuming man, who had been imprisoned one way or another for most of his twenty-eight years, lead a rebel army to victory at Bosworth? Terry describes Henry as ‘a good man in bad times, always thankful to God for his good fortune and never vengeful.’

I recommend reading this book in conjunction with Terry’s other work, Richard III: The King in the Car Park and his excellent Jasper Tudor: Dynasty Maker (both of which have pride of place on my bookshelf).  I have set out to collect every published work I can find on Henry VII and, in my view, this is the definitive account. My only quibble is with Terry’s choice of title, which I completely understand, although readers are likely to agree that while Henry is the most unlikely King of England, he is also one of the most important in British history.

Tony Riches 

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About the Author

Terry Breverton is a former businessman, consultant and academic and now a full-time writer. Terry has presented documentaries on the Discovery Channel and the History Channel.and has written over forty books, with his main focus being upon Welsh history, heritage and culture.

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