23 October 2016

Historical Fiction Book Launch: The Lion and the Fox: A Novel of Machiavelli's Florence by Sylvia Prince

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Exiled, isolated, and depressed, Niccolo Machiavelli longs to return to power at any cost—but with the threat of torture still hanging over his head, Niccolo must bend to the will of the powerful Medici family.

When a mysterious letter sends him to investigate the murder of a Medici, Niccolo stumbles into a dangerous world of rich young patricians, mysterious prostitutes, and shocking violence.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Renaissance Florence, Machiavelli must rely on his wits to navigate the currents of power and brutality, never knowing who he can trust. Niccolo thinks he can play the fox to outwit his enemies—but has he underestimated the lion?

About the Author

Sylvia Prince holds a PhD in history, an enthusiast of the Italian Renaissance—and loves the bizarre but true stories she has encountered over the years working as a historian. Sylvia is a professor at a public university in the Midwest, where she lives with her husband and two spirited daughters. Find our more at www.sylviaprincebooks.com and find Sylvia on Facebook and Twitter @sprincebooks.

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