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24 October 2016

Life's Little Song: A Book of Poetry and Ramblings, by Jason J Black

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This book is about the little things in the world that we tend to miss in our everyday rush through life. Our world is such a beautiful place, yet we sometimes fail to notice this.

Taking some time for ourselves to rest, recharge and de-stress can help us to be more creative and inspired. Taking a look at the world, animals and people surrounding us can help us to be more compassionate, helpful and loving.

I wrote these poems and ramblings in those early morning hours when only the birds are awake, when the rest of the world still slumbers and all is still and quiet.

I hope you can find the same kind of peace yourself, perhaps while reading this book.

Jason J Black
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About the Author

Jason J Black was born and still lives in Bristol in the United Kingdom, with his wife, Sara. Jason has always enjoyed writing short stories throughout his life, and enjoys writing science fiction, fantasy and horror stories, as well as some poetry. He hopes that his readers are able to feel the emotion that he tries to invoke in his books. Find out more at Jason's website  and find him on Twitter @jasonjblack. 

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