21 January 2017

Historical Fiction Spotlight: The Most Dangerous Enemy (The Elizabeth of England Chronicles Book 3) by G. Lawrence

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The witty, wily princess, Elizabeth Tudor has survived the turmoil of her formative years, and finally, is now Queen of England. Rising to the throne on a wave of popularity, Elizabeth is keen to avoid the mistakes of her siblings, and bring England to a new sense of unity and hope.

But in the first two years of her reign, Elizabeth will be tested as in no other. She is seen as scandalous for her faith and sex in the courts of Europe. Untested in power and authority, Elizabeth must use all the weapons at her disposal to survive as a Protestant Queen amongst a sea of Catholic Kings.
Everyone believes that Elizabeth should marry, and marry soon; to secure an heir for the throne, and to complete her as a woman. But Elizabeth has other ideas... and in the first years of her reign, there is only one man who reaches her heart... Robin Dudley. As her love for her Master of Horse grows, Elizabeth is tested; should she abandon her long-held principles and desire never to marry... or risk all that she holds dear, for love?
In the shadowy game of power at the Tudor Court, Elizabeth will come to know herself better than she ever has done, to be tested in more ways than she thought possible, and to face the most dangerous enemy of all... her own heart.

The Most Dangerous Enemy is book three of The Elizabeth of England Chronicles, by G. Lawrence

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About the Author

Gemma Lawrence is an independently published author living in Cornwall in the UK. She studied literature at university says, 'I write mainly Historical Fiction, with an emphasis on the Tudor and Medieval periods and have a particular passion for women of history who inspire me'. Her first book in the Elizabeth of England Chronicles series is The Bastard Princess (The Elizabeth of England Chronicles Book 1).Gemma can be found on Wattpad and Twitter @TudorTweep.

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