12 January 2017

Historical Fiction Spotlight: Ravenspur: Rise of the Tudors (The Wars of the Roses) by Conn Iggulden

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England, 1470. A divided kingdom cannot stand.  King Edward of York has been driven out of England. Queen Elizabeth and her children tremble in sanctuary at Westminster Abbey. The House of Lancaster has won the crown, but York will not go quietly.
Desperate to reclaim his throne, Edward lands at Ravenspur with a half-drowned army and his brother Richard at his side. Every hand is against them, every city gate is shut, yet the brothers York go on the attack.
But neither sees that their true enemy is Henry Tudor, now grown into a man. As the Red Dragon - 'the man of destiny' - his claim to the throne leads to Bosworth Field and a battle that will call an end to the Wars of the Roses . . .
'A tough, pacy chronicle of bloody encounters, betrayals and cruelties. Superb' Daily Mail

'Iggulden is in a class of his own when it comes to epic, historical fiction' Daily Mirror

'Superb, fantastic, extraordinary' Sunday Express

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About the Author

Born in London, Conn Iggulden read English at London University and worked as a teacher for seven years before becoming a full-time writer. Married with three children, he lives in Hertfordshire. Find out more at his website www.conniggulden.com and find him on Twitter 

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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed the audio version of the first three novels in the War of the Roses. I sustained a concussion 9 months ago, so the audiobooks are better than reading. Looking forward to Ravenspur. 😊🇨🇦


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