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19 May 2017

Book Launch Spotlight: Dark Maiden by Lindsay Townsend

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Beautiful Yolande comes from an exotic line of exorcists—a talent she considers a gift—and a curse. In fourteenth century England, a female exorcist who is also black is an oddity. She is sought after and trusted to quiet the restless dead and to send revenants to their final rest.

Geraint the Welshman captures Yolande’s heart with his ready smile and easy ways, and the passionate fire of his spirit. An entertainer, he juggles and tumbles his way through life—but there is a serious side to him that runs deep. He offers Yolande an added strength in her work and opens his heart to her with a love such as she’s never known.

But Yolande is not free to offer Geraint her love completely—not until her “time of seven” has passed. 

Can the powerful attraction between them withstand the powers of evil who mean to separate them forever? Yolande’s conscience and conviction force her to face this evil head-on—but can Geraint save his Dark Maiden…
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About the Author

Lindsay Townsend is an historical romance author living in Yorkshire. Her current books are set in medieval England, ancient Rome and ancient Egypt. For news, background articles and updates about her books, please visit Lindsay's Book Chat and find her on Twitter @lindsayromantic.


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