9 May 2017

Your Chance To Support The Reedsy #IWriteBecause Campaign

Books must sometimes seem as though they’re just made up of a bunch of words, but they’re much more than that. They’re whole worlds.

Above all, words are powerful — and now more than ever, we can use words to get the message out and do good. It is our firm belief that every child, regardless of geography, gender, or economics, should get ready access to books and education. That’s why we started this campaign: #IWriteBecause. Our founders established Reedsy in 2014 not only to give writers the resources to publish great books, but also to kindle writing and reading everywhere.

With this in mind, we’re asking writers such as yourself to send us short, one-minute videos. The game is in the name: why do you write?

When you tell the world your answer, you’re inspiring kids everywhere to write and create their own messages. Say #IWriteBecause to them now — and one day in the future, perhaps we’ll see those kids telling us that #TheyAlsoWriteBecause.

We wanted to ensure that our campaign makes a positive impact, so for every author sends in a video, we’re donating $10. The money is going to our partner, Room to Read, a non-profit foundation that focuses on reading acquisition and girls’ education in Africa and Asia.

Thanks to Tony, Annie and writers everywhere who contributed videos, we’re proud to say that we’re aiding Room to Read’s mission to reach 15 million children by 2020. We’ve appreciated the outpouring of support from our community, and we’re really excited about the enthusiasm with which writers are approaching the #IWriteBecause campaign. We could not do this without you guys.

If you’ve not done so yet, join all of us in making a difference in the world today. It’s easy to step up and contribute — spreading the word about it is even simpler. All it takes is a minute to send us a short video explaining why you write!

Again, we’re pledging to donate $10 to Room to Read for every video we get, so this is your chance to use your words to give direct to a good cause. If you’ve got any questions about the campaign, or Reedsy, please send them my way: yvonne@reedsy.com.

Looking forward to your video!

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