3 June 2017

New Book Spotlight: Divided Serenity (Divided World Book 1) by G.L. Cromarty

Welcome to Serenity, home of the civilized people of Aterra. The Aterrans live in a technologically advanced world filled with modern luxuries and conveniences and their days are filled with cultured living and peace. For eons, the Aterran people have benefited from technology developed long ago by the Ancients. A technology that, unfortunately, they do not completely understand.

Nevertheless, there were systems and routines that had been in place for longer than anyone could remember, and even today the citizens of Aterra followed them as prescribed. But there was another world on Aterra, a world beyond "The Wall", a high tech impregnable barrier that separates the Aterran world from the Shadowlands beyond its protective border.

The primitive, warlike inhabitants of the Shadowlands know little of the soft life inside the Wall, but they know that they despise the residents that it protects, and maybe one day they will have their revenge.

# # #

About the Author

Born in England, G.L. Cromarty grew up exploring castles and watching Star Wars. As an avid reader, she has been influenced by a wide variety of writers ranging from Tolkien to George R.R. Martin and Anne McCaffrey, and Harry Harrison to Isaac Asimov. Now living in Perth, Western Australia with her husband and two oddball cats, she spends her spare time writing. Divided Serenity is her debut novel. Serenity Falling, the second book in the Divided World series id coming soon. Best known for her popular writing blog TheWritingChimp.com you can find out more about the Divided World series at her website https://glcromarty.com/ and find her on Facebook  and Twitter @TheLittleBod.

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