12 September 2017

Historical Fiction Spotlight: Strands of My Winding Cloth (The Elizabeth of England Chronicles Book 4) by Gemma Lawrence

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Winter 1560: Elizabeth Tudor has chosen never to marry. The man she loves, Robin Dudley, has lost his wife in mysterious circumstances. Knowing that were she to marry him, it would lead to his destruction and hers, Elizabeth has made up her mind... 

But Robin does not know this yet.  Afraid to lose her favourite, Elizabeth has told Robin there may be hope. As times goes on, Robin attempts persuasion, pressure and trickery to take his place beside her on the throne of England. And it is not only with her beloved that Elizabeth is having problems... 

Cousins aplenty this last Queen of the Tudor line has, and each one determined to cause her troubles. As Mary Stewart, Queen of Scotland, returns to her native land, as Katherine and Mary Grey cause trouble at court, and as her Lennox cousin, Margaret, conspires from within, Elizabeth is surrounded by women whom others may see as viable replacements for her, as Queen.

Covering the years 1560-1567 in the reign of Elizabeth I, Strands of My Winding Cloth is the fourth volume in the Elizabeth of England series by G. Lawrence.

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About the Author

Gemma Lawrence is an independently published author living in Cornwall in the UK. She studied literature at university says, 'I write mainly Historical Fiction, with an emphasis on the Tudor and Medieval periods and have a particular passion for women of history who inspire me'. Her first book in the Elizabeth of England Chronicles series is The Bastard Princess (The Elizabeth of England Chronicles Book 1).Gemma can be found on Wattpad and Twitter @TudorTweep.

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