28 July 2018

Special Guest Interview with Author Emily Klein

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Today I'm pleased to welcome author Emily Klein:

Please tell us about your latest book

My latest published book is my first novel The Draughtsman Damsel.  It tells the story of a young,  precocious and passionate lord's daughter-Annabelle Latimer.  At the age of ten she's removed with her parents from her home at Calais,  as her father is called to serve the King of England.
As the Duke becomes more deranged and jealous,  her father falls out of favour with him and is obliged to find her a new match.  Prior to that they had all hopefully to match Annabelle with her friend,  the Duke's youngest son,  Thomas.  But Annabelle is a unique girl and develops interest in sketching and planning (her father is an architect), which causes her to neglect her more lady like responsibilities.  When a courtship party fails and her father is called back to the Duke's court to design his grand monument to chivalry,  Annabelle joins him and is reunited with her best friend from childhood,  the Duke's youngest son,  Thomas.  She finds herself helping her father with designing the castle and falling unwillingly and unwittingly in love but treachery  and politics come in their way of finding love and happiness.  

What is your preferred writing routine?

I have rather a unique writing routine.  I come up with a proposal/ seduction scenes in my head, in its entirety.  Then I build a story around it.  I write in coffee shops,  Longhand,  then edit as I type. 

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

My advice would be that the best way out of writers' block is simply to go in writing.  Even if it's bad.  Don't stop.  Just write whatever pops in your head and edit later.  

What have you found to be the best way to raise awareness of your books?

The best way to get awareness for my books is twitter and blog interviews
Tell us something unexpected you discovered during your research

Something I found interesting is the many types of horses used in medieval times.  Like palfrey,  destrier,  rouncy,  Sumpter. All used for different purposes. 

What was the hardest scene you remember writing?

The most difficult scene  to write was the scene where Thomas and Lord Larimer are trying to convince the Duke to use their more practical  idea for the castle's design and not his megalomaniac ideas.  It required research about philosophy and integrating it in conversation.  

What are you planning to write next?

I'm currently writing a regency romance titled Arrogance and Abstinence. Next I'm planning to write a sequel to The Draughtsman Damsel, titled Reynardine Redeemed, With the villainous Guillaume du Lac from The Draughtsman Damsel as the hero. I also have a sequel titled Greenwood Side featuring Robert McMillan, the gallant Scotsman from Draughtsman, to be published later. My next book to be published is another medieval romance, a standalone titled A Good Knight's Kiss.
Emily Klein
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About the Author

Emily Klein is an author of historical romance novels, set in medieval times. She is a staunch anglophile, with a keen interest in anything and everything British, including the English language and all its dialects. She also has a keen interest in history, including the medieval period. Emily enjoys antiques and vintage clothing. In short, if it's part of history, Emily Klein will find it interesting. In her novels, Emily Klein strives to delve into her characters' thoughts, feelings, and true psychological motives. She does this based on their personalities, their pasts, and the societies in which they operate. Finding motives and helping people as they strive to solve the issues in their lives is no strange matter to Emily, who is also a trained social worker. Emily lives in Israel with her husband, two young daughters, and her little dog named Tofu. You can find Emily on Facebook and Twitter @Ekleinfolktales  

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