11 July 2018

Tudor Book Spotlight: Daring Dynasty: Custom, Conflict and Control in Early-Tudor England, by Mark R. Horowitz

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He founded the most famous dynasty in history: the Tudors. Yet, in 1485 when Henry Tudor defeated Richard III to become King Henry VII, he possessed the most anemic claim to the throne since William the Conqueror. 

In defiance of the norms of medieval rule, he transformed England from an insolvent, often divided country in the waning years of the Wars of the Roses into an emerging modern state upon his death in 1509, a legacy inherited by his larger-than-life heir, Henry VIII. How did this happen? 

Through impressive archival research over several decades and a provocative perspective, Daring Dynasty illuminates what occurred by exploring key aspects of Henry's reign, which included a dark side to royal policy. 

It will provide historians, students, history enthusiasts and devotees of "all things Tudor" with an understanding of how the populace and political players melded into a nation through the efforts of its king and his government.

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About the Author

Mark R. Horowitz is an English historian, business executive and marketing consultant, author, educator and news commentator. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (FRHistS) He has authored scholarly articles and given academic papers in the U.S., Britain, Portugal and Ireland. He has written hundreds of articles and scripts as a weekly international columnist for UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL; Guest columnist for USA TODAY; and weekly radio commentator on an NBC affiliate in Chicago. These news commentaries looked at everything occurring today from the perspective of the past. You can find Mark on Twitter @shiremoot

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