4 October 2018

Book Review ~ Richard III: Loyalty Binds Me, by Matthew Lewis

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Perhaps the greatest paradox about King Richard III is we think we know his story, yet how much of that knowledge is based on fact? The amazing discovery of Richard's grave in September 2012 triggered fresh interest in uncovering the truth, so before reading this book, try to set to one side everything you know about him. 

That means whatever you were taught at school, and of course Shakespeare's caricature, as well as all the films and documentaries you might have ever seen. You will then be able to approach this fascinating account of his short life as Matthew Lewis would wish.

With a forensic approach to uncovering the facts, Matthew Lewis brings his literary style to relating Richard's story. By following the detail of his troubled boyhood, we begin to understand how the man who emerges from his brother's shadow might feel he has something to prove. Pious and chivalric, Richard could have earned his living as a lawyer if circumstance had not made him a warrior king.

Richard might have ruled for little more than two years but until his dying breath he fought with great courage against prejudice and treachery.  Is this the definitive work on Richard III so far? I think it might be. Highly recommended.

Tony Riches

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About the Author

Matthew Lewis was born and grew up in the West Midlands. Having obtained a law degree, he currently lives in the beautiful Shropshire countryside with his wife and children. History and writing have always been a passion of Matthew's, with particular interest in the Wars of the Roses period. His first novel, Loyalty, was born of the joining of those passions. Find out more at Matthew's website 
mattlewisauthor.com and find him on Twitter @MattLewisAuthor

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