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19 September 2020

Thanks a Million For Your Support


I'd like to thank all the visitors who have helped The Writing Desk pass the milestone of a million page views. This blog continues to average 15,000 visitors a month, and I'm pleased to see so many return visits to older posts.

As well as my own book reviews, writing features and spotlights, I would like to thank the many hundreds of authors and writers who have generously given their time to write guest posts, and take part in my series of author interviews.

I am also pleased to say my Stories of the Tudors podcast passed a more modest milestone of 50,000 downloads this month, so thanks to all the listeners!

I am busy writing the second book of my Elizabethan series and researching the third, so my book reviews are temporarily on hold, but if you are an author and would like to guest post, or have a book launch coming soon, please fee free to contact me to discuss. All posts are shared with 33,400 followers on Twitter as well as Goodreads, so this blog is a useful way to raise awareness and connect with new readers.

Tony Riches

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