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11 September 2020

The International Dublin Writers' Festival

The International Dublin Writers' Festival 
has Gone Virtual! 
September 11th - 13th, 2020

Since 2015 the International Dublin Writers' Festival has welcomed writers to learn, network and improve their craft providing opportunities for writers to learn from industry professionals.

This event is an opportunity for all writers, everywhere, to connect with the literary culture of Dublin and to learn from experts and peers. All writers, both aspiring and experienced, are all welcome.

Featured speakers include UK leading literary agent Kate Nash, author Niamh Campbell, US industry expert Peter Miller, publisher Ivan O’Brien, and screenwriter Alexandra Sokoloff.

The speakers are renowned, highly-experienced, published authors, and world-class experts in writing craft, publishing and marketing. This conference provides practical support, valuable training and an opportunity to get to know fellow writers and industry professionals through our online communities.

The conference sessions are separated into five streams, as follows:

  • What It Takes To Win As A Writer Now
  • Get Ready for Success
  • The Writers’ Journey
  • Preparing for our Readers
  • Finding Readers & Reviewers
There is also be a private online community for each of the streams, allowing attendees to comment, ask questions, and communicate with other attendees and the speakers online.

Join online from the comfort of your own digital device, and learn how to pitch your story to a literary agent and get published.

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