11 December 2020

Historical Fiction Spotlight: Old Foxes (The Elizabeth of England Chronicles Book 9) Kindle Edition by G. Lawrence

Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Autumn 1588: The Invincible Armada is defeated and England rejoices. Their Queen, Elizabeth Tudor, stands before them as a shining icon of immortality, strength and wealth... yet she is a lie.

Broken after the death of her love, Robin Dudley, struggling with war, debt and personal loss, Elizabeth holds the mask of the Queen to her face as inside she is fractured. Turning to the youthful, reckless Earl of Essex, Elizabeth seeks solace, yet from man may monster be made.

As Elizabeth struggles to maintain her power, her favourite rises, surpassing her own popularity with the people of England, and Elizabeth begins to fear Essex may no more wish to serve his Queen, but to supplant her.

Old Foxes is Book Nine in the Elizabeth of England Chronicles by G. Lawrence.

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About the Author

Gemma Lawrence is an independently published author living in Cornwall in the UK. She studied literature at university says, 'I write mainly Historical Fiction, with an emphasis on the Tudor and Medieval periods and have a particular passion for women of history who inspire me'. Her first book in the Elizabeth of England Chronicles series is The Bastard Princess (The Elizabeth of England Chronicles Book 1).Gemma can be found on Twitter @TudorTweep.

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