24 December 2020

Stories of the Tudors podcast: Queen Elizabeth I Part Three


This podcast is the third of a series of three looking at the life of Queen Elizabeth the first, and I’m exploring the myths and rumours surrounding the life of Queen Elizabeth, England’s ‘Gloriana’ – the virgin queen who reigned England and Ireland for 44 years.

In this podcast I’m exploring what Elizabeth really looked like – and how much of what we know of her is a reflection of her own carefully controlled image, or the prejudices of later historians. The main primary sources are the any portraits and descriptions of the queen by her contemporaries - but artists were rarely working from life, and even first-hand accounts are often by ambassadors, all with their own perspective. 

My book, Drake - Tudor Corsair is available from Amazon in paperback and eBook:

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The Introductory music is La Volta,  composed by David Hirschfelder

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