9 August 2021

Historical Fiction Spotlight: Daughter Of Carthage, Son Of Rome, by Kate Q. Johnson

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Elissa Mago, a Carthaginian heiress, recklessly flees the prospect of a despised arranged marriage and arrives in Italy vulnerable yet defiant on the cusp of Hannibal's audacious crossing of the Alps and invasion of Roman territory.

Marcus Gracchus, a brilliant and celebrated Roman Centurion, questions his own loyalty to Rome after his brother is murdered and he is ordered to serve under the leadership of the vindictive man who orchestrated his brother's death. A chance encounter thrusts the two together, first as captive and captor.

But violence both on the battlefield and within the Roman legion eventually leads them into an alliance that is tested repeatedly by their ties to home. Ultimately, they must choose-their love for one another or their loyalty to their people.

Praise for Daughter of Carthage, Son of Rome

Kate Q. Johnson has woven a compelling tale that brings to life the high stakes of political rivalries, a daring heroine and an honorable but torn military leader. Daughter of Carthage, Son of Rome is a vivid recreation of the ancient world and a sensitive portrayal of the demands of the human heart.
 —Linda Cardillo, award winning author of historical novels such as Love That Moves the Sun, Dancing on Sunday Afternoons, and the First Light trilogy.

Kate Q. Johnson’s sure-handed debut novel tells the story of a wartime Romeo and Juliet, two star-crossed lovers whose lives collide at a moment when history might have swung off in a different direction  —Sherry Christie, author of the Roma Amor saga.

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About the Author

Kate Q. Johnson is a scientist, new mom, and outdoorsy chick living in the Pacific Northwest. Originally hailing from the frigid Great White North, her creative juices only really got flowing when she moved to the relatively warmer climate of Vancouver, BC for graduate school. Her debut novel, Daughter of Carthage, Son of Rome was the stuff of daydreams at bus stops, learning about epic wars and earth-shattering events through history podcasts. She figured the only thing missing was a daring heroine to save the day! Kate is passionate about bringing history to life through action-packed stories of love and adventure. Find out more from kate's website https://kqjohnson.com/ and follow her on Twitter @kqjohnwrites

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