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16 May 2022

Book review: Thrown, by Sara Cox

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The inhabitants of the Inventor's Housing Estate keep themselves to themselves. There are the friendly 'Hellos' when commutes coincide and the odd cheeky eye roll when the wine bottles clank in number 7's wheelie bin, but it's not exactly Ramsay Street. The dilapidated community centre is no longer the beating heart of the estate that Becky remembers from her childhood. So the new pottery class she's helped set up feels like a fresh start. And not just for her.

I've been enjoying the new series of 'Between the Covers', a lively and intelligent book show presented by Sara Cox, so was intrigued to hear she'd written a novel. 'Thrown' is billed as a 'laugh out loud' comedy, but I found the relationships between the women and their errant partners poignant - often tragic, and in one case disturbing. 

Well observed, and clearly drawing on the authors experience of presenting a pottery show, with one exception, the men do rather badly. It took me a while to realise the significance of the title, as most of the women are literally 'thrown' by their discoveries.

I found I was reading quickly, and looking forward to knowing the outcome, always a good test of a novel, and I like Sara's easy-going writing style. I'm happy to recommend 'Thrown', and look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

Tony Riches

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