2 May 2022

Historical Fiction Spotlight: Seer of Apollo (The Armillary Sphere, Story of Lady Jane Rochford Book 3) by G. Lawrence

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Winter 1531, London: It is a time of great upheaval; a time when love, faith and loyalty will be tested. In his quest to marry Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII has named himself Head of the Church in England, but many of his subjects remain loyal to Rome, and wish Queen Katherine to remain upon the throne.

Serving at the side of Anne Boleyn, her sister and mistress, Jane Rochford struggles in her own personal crisis of faith, love and loyalty, her soul torn between duty to her family and her own personal beliefs. 

Through storms of Church and state, reform and revenge, personality and politics Jane must struggle, catching glimpses of the future and the past, and often seeing and speaking the truth, yet going unheard as her voice becomes lost in the tumult of the Tudor court.

Seer of Apollo is Book Three of The Armillary Sphere, Story of Lady Jane Rochford by G. Lawrence.

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About the Author

Gemma Lawrence is an independently published author living in Cornwall in the UK. She studied literature at university says, 'I write mainly Historical Fiction, with an emphasis on the Tudor and Medieval periods and have a particular passion for women of history who inspire me'. Her first book in the Elizabeth of England Chronicles series is The Bastard Princess (The Elizabeth of England Chronicles Book 1).Gemma can be found on Twitter @TudorTweep.

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