7 June 2022

Historical Fiction Spotlight: Daughters of the Famine Road, by Bridget Walsh

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When they meet, Jane and Annie have much in common. As young Irish women in the 1840s, they both know the value of family, home and friendship. 

Even more importantly, they understand the need to survive against a backdrop of famine, disease and cruel colonial rule.

With Ireland crumbling around them and peril at every turn, can these tenacious women overcome the arc of history and create a better life?

"A moving story of resilience and survival: What shines brightest in this impressive historical novel set amongst the poverty, disease and cruelty of colonial Ireland in the 1840s is the women, movingly and sympathetically portrayed by Bridget Walsh." (Amazon reviewer)

"The settings are vivid and realistic. I could almost feel the chill of a freezing January morning and see the bare fields covered with snow. A real page turner that remained in the mind long after the final word. Can’t wait for the next in the series." (Amazon reviewer)

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About the Author

Bridget Walsh is descended from  Irish immigrants and lives in Leicester, UK. She says, "I read lots of non-fiction about the Famine but nothing about how women and their families managed in this terrible time. So I started to write a novel. I soon realised I needed to learn the art of writing as opposed to the craft of it and completed my Masters degree in creative writing December 2021 One day, my six beautiful grandchildren may want to read about their Irish heritage and history.  These novels are for them."  Find out more at Bridget's website https://www.bridgetsjournal.com/ and follow her on Twitter @bridgetw1807 

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