11 June 2022

Historical Fiction Spotlight: Shadow of the Tower (The Queen's Intelligencer Book 2) by Peter Tonkin

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Richmond Palace, March 1603. Queen Elizabeth lies dying, surrounded by her Privy Council led by Robert Cecil. Even on her death-bed, she refuses to name a successor.

But Cecil has already commissioned Queen’s Intelligencer Robert Poley and his spies to ensure a smooth succession for James VI of Scotland and the removal of anyone who might stand between Cecil and the new king.

Soon a ring is being carried north to King James. The ring is a message in itself: the queen is dead. But the succession is not formally settled to everyone’s satisfaction. The ring-carrier only survives an assassination attempt because he is being shadowed by one of Poley’s operatives.

Alerted by the incident, the agent redoubles his efforts. And he uncovers plot after plot, pushing a dangerous array of alternative candidates, supported and financed by Protestant England’s most implacable enemies.

James places his trust in Cecil and begins to progress southward towards London surrounded by allies and possible enemies.

As Poley unmasks one traitor after another and sends them to the Tower of London for interrogation, the intelligencer realises that the fate of James - and the kingdom - rests in his hands.

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About the Author

Peter Tonkin attended the Queen’s University, Belfast, 1969 – 75, where he studied with Seamus Heaney, Paul Muldoon, Bernard MacLaverty and Ciaran Carson; and directed Ciaran Hinds in Hamlet.  He published his first novel, Killer, to international acclaim in 1978.  Since then he has divided his time between writing and teaching.  He has published 52 other novels including the Master of Defence series of Elizabethan murder mysteries and the 30-book Mariner series of action-adventure-thrillers.  Since retiring from teaching, he has been preparing a series of thrillers set in Ancient Rome.  He is pictured here preparing to attend a Literary Evening at Trinity College, Oxford, of which he is a Benefactor. Find out more at Peter's website https://petertonkin.com/ and follow him on Facebook and Twitter @petertonkin50

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