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30 May 2023

Historical Fiction Spotlight: Eagle and the Wolf. The complete Edge of Empire series, by Alistair Tosh

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"An excellent, exciting debut. Gripping, gritty, and blood-spattered. Fans of Roman historical adventure will love it! Alistair Tosh is a writer to watch." Matthew Harffy, Author of the Bernicia Chronicles.

Siege:  AD 139

Lucius Faenius Felix arrives in Britannia to command the First Nervana, a renowned cohort drawn from the homelands of the fierce Nervii tribe. The soldier has been recently cheated out of his ancestral estates - and is still grieving from the mysterious murder of his father.

Along with Cai Martis, a veteran cavalry Prefect, the young officer uncovers news of a conspiracy. The resurgent Novantae, a ferocious tribe led by the determined war-chief, Barra, aim to put the Romans to the sword and win back the province.

Surrounded and cut off by their enemies, Lucius and Cai must lead their cohort through hostile territory. Conquer or be conquered.
The Romans attempt to send a message through enemy lines.

The First Nervana make a desperate final stand behind the walls of their fort. Did the message get through? Lucius and Cai know all too well what is at stake. Victory or death.

Hunt: Northern Britannia AD 149.

Roman Tribune, Lucius Faenius Felix and his friend the veteran Prefect of cavalry, Cai Martis, have survived and been victorious against the combined force of the northern tribes.

The battle for the Sack has saved the north, but victory has turned to despair.

Cai’s woman, Alyn, and widow of his dead friend Adal, is missing, taken captive by the fleeing barbarians. His love for Alyn and the need to honour his oath to Adal, impels Cai to act.

The veteran must seek the help of his defeated enemy Barra, the Novantae chief, and venture into hostile territory. It is his only hope.

Cai, Lucius and a small band of soldiers set off. The hunt is on. But a new enemy stands in their way. An ambitious Damnonii war chief, called Blue Dog. The band uncovers intelligence that he may have taken Alyn. All that is known of him, is that his lands are on a remote island. And he is mad.

The hunters may soon become the prey. To protect those that he loves, Cai must first kill a king and save a kingdom.

Praise for the Edge of Empire series:

"A taut bowstring of a story with a climax sharp as a warrior's blade." Alistair Forrest, author of Sea of Flames 

"Tosh takes his band of heroes through an ancient heart of darkness. An epic adventure that will leave warriors changed and have the reader's pulse-rate soaring." Fiona Forsyth, author of the Lucius Sestius Mysteries

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About the Author

Bestselling author, Alistair Tosh was born in Dumfriesshire, a place filled with ancient place names such as Torthorwald and Caerlaverock. But it was his visits, as a boy, to nearby Burnswark Iron Age hillfort and its Roman siegeworks that first fired his interest in Roman and Dark Ages history. On leaving school he began a 35 year communications career, firstly with the Royal Navy, that included covert riverine and seaborne operations during the height of ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland, before moving into the corporate telecommunications world. Military life is unique, and Alistair aims to reflect an authentic view of that experience and its language in his stories. When not writing or researching, Alistair likes to spend time with family. He and his wife also love hill walking and have spent a great deal of time exploring the mountains of both the UK and Andalucia accompanied by their dog Hurley. Follow Alistair on Twitter @alistair_tosh

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