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4 May 2023

The House of Dudley: A New History of Tudor England, by Dr Joanne Paul

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Was the House of Dudley out to steal the throne?

This was the question on the mind of Elizabeth I's courtiers when a forbidden book accused generations of the Dudley family of poisonings, plottings, murders, treason, incitement and other 'evil stratagems.'

For decades, the Dudleys had been close to the throne, rising from nobodies to the land's highest offices.

Under Henrys VII and VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and, finally, Elizabeth, they risked execution and imprisonment as they audaciously stole, murdered and swindled in the name of the monarch.

But were they loyally protecting the crown, or did they secretly covet it for themselves?

'A pacy narrative, vividly written, makes you want to read on and on. Joanne Paul is a major new talent in the field' ALISON WEIR

'Breathes new life into an old and familiar Tudor story . . . It's delightful, a joy to read' THE TIMES, 'BOOK OF THE WEEK'

'A thrilling and deeply researched study of power and conspiracy: the rise and fall of the other Tudor dynasty. The House of Dudley illuminates the fascinating men and women who almost became kings and queens in their own right' SIMON SEBAG-MONTEFIORE

'Rich and compelling. Conjures up the look and feel of Tudor life . . . You will find yourself drawn in, fascinated, and richly informed' TELEGRAPH

'Vivid, innovative and authoritative. I could not recommend The House of Dudley more highly. It's a real lesson in how to revitalise the writing of Tudor history' SARAH GRISTWOOD

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About the Author

Dr Joanne Paul is Honorary Senior Lecturer in Intellectual History at the University of Sussex. Her research focuses on the history of the Renaissance and Early Modern Periods and she has shared her work widely, including with academic presses, popular magazines and blogs and on TV and radio. Joanne has published her research widely, both in academic presses and for a general readership. Her book on the thought and writing of Thomas More was published with Polity in 2016, and led to publications in History Today, History Extra, Juncture, Prospect and elsewhere, as well as speaking engagements at BBC History Weekend, the Battle of Ideas and other events around the UK and Europe. In 2013 she was awarded the Sir John Neale Prize in Tudor History by the Institute of Historical Research. Find out more at her website: and find her on Twitter: @Joanne_Paul_

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