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12 November 2023

Special Guest Post by Kathleen Harryman, Author of A Nightingale's Last Song: A WWII Romance

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November 1940: Lillian Elizabeth joins the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Services in the fight against Hitler. She never meant to fall in love. Major Joseph Lawrence is a doctor. Sergeant Alick McNavis a Scottish soldier. They are very different men. One will capture Lillian Elizabeth’s heart. The other her soul. One, a forbidden love, the other, permissible.  From the destruction of war, a Nightingale brings hope. Across the battlefields of France to the sandstorms of Egypt, a Nightingale’s voice is often the last sound a soldier will hear.

A Nightingale’s Last Song is a tribute to the nurses who cared for our soldiers and civilians during WWII. My research opened a door into a world of sacrifice and camaraderie, bringing true meaning to the word ‘friendship.’ 

Without these wonderful nurses many more lives would have been lost. Supporting the injured with kindness they boosted flagging spirits while tending to their wounds. These nightingales gave everything they had to treat those in their care. 

A Nightingale’s Last Song presents a slither of what the nurses went through during the war effort. The horrors and suffering they experienced while treating the wounded showed extraordinary strength. Many lost their lives in honouring their commitment to our forces. 

Even today, the remarkable work of these brave souls goes, to some degree, unnoticed. This story stands in recognition and dedication to these wonderful people. For you are brave. Your dedication and strength to care for the sick and injured—and their family, places us forever in your debt. What you do each day is truly appreciated. Thank you.

Kathleen Harryman

“We gave everything we had to treat the wounded, no matter the danger,  we remained committed until the last.”

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About the Author

Kathleen Harryman lives in the historically rich city of York, North Yorkshire, England with her husband and two children. First published in 2015, Kathleen has won several awards for her books. Developing a unique writing style, Kathleen grips the reader, holding their attention until they become part of the story. Kathleen is a skilled author of multiple genres, and pens tales ranging from mystery and psychological thrillers to crime fiction, romantic suspense, historical romance, and paranormal romance.. Find out more at her website and follow Kathleen on Facebook and Twitter @KathleenHarrym1

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