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15 June 2024

Book Review: The Forgotten Palace: A timeslip novel by Alexandra Walsh

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Three women divided by time but connected by the long-hidden secrets of the past. As their stories join in a golden thread, a terrible injustice might finally be undone…

In this clever timeslip novel Alexandra Walsh takes us from the present day to the famous excavations in Knossos, Crete led by Arthur Evans in 1900.  

Part of the palace at Knossos, as controversially reconstructed 
by Sir Arthur Evans. (Wikimedia)

I particularly liked the evocative sense of place, which made me want to visit Crete. I also enjoyed following the Grand Tour of Alice Webster and her family, from London to Crete, a story strong enough to carry the book.

What makes The Forgotten Palace special is the counterpoint with the quite different 'journey' of  the main character of Eloise De’Ath,  Both women fail to escape their pasts, have unexpected connections, and there are intriguing clues to where it all will lead. 

‘A labyrinth has one route in and one route out while a maze has multiple pathways, many leading to dead ends. Mazes are about choice and strategy, labyrinths are spaces of continuous flow, like life.’ Alexandra Walsh, The Forgotten Palace

I highly recommend The Forgotten Palace, which I'm happy to award five out of five stars, and do hope there will be a sequel with more about what becomes of Alice and Eloise.

Tony Riches
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About the Author

Alexandra Walsh is a bestselling author of the dual timeline women’s fiction. Her books range from the 15th and 16th centuries to the Victorian era and are inspired by the hidden voices of women that have been lost over the centuries. The Marquess House Saga offers an alternative view of the Tudor and early Stuart eras, while The Wind Chime and The Music Makers explore different aspects of Victorian society. Formerly, a journalist for over 25 years, writing for many national newspapers and magazines; Alexandra also worked in the TV and film industries as an associate producer, director, script writer and mentor for the MA Screen Writing course at the prestigious London Film School. She is a member of The Society of Authors and The Historical Writers Association. For updates and more information visit her website: and follow her on Facebook, Twitter @purplemermaid25 and Bluesky


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