14 August 2013

Book Launch - The Key Stone by A. M. Dean

A.M. Dean's highly anticipated latest novel, THE KEYSTONE, is released internationally on 15 August 2013, bringing the realm of Gnostic mystery into the world of modern conspiracies and deadly cults. If you're a fan of global conspiracy thrillers that combine ancient history with modern intrigue, this is the summer book for you!


The Keystone is the next major thriller from A.M. Dean. Following on the action of bestseller The Lost Library, The Keystone takes readers on an adventure that bridges ancient Egypt and the modern world, exposing a terror that has been hidden for centuries.

For nearly two thousand years a small carved stone has lain hidden in the Egyptian desert. Now it is about to unleash on the modern world a destruction beyond imagining.

Enclosed in a sealed jar and tucked away in an Egyptian cave, an ancient key holds the secret to unveiling a Gnostic mystery lost for nearly two millennia. At its centre stands one of the most important discoveries of the twentieth century: the Nag Hammadi Codices, unearthed from the desert in 1945 and containing a secret scholars have never imagined.

A secretive sect is willing to do anything to obtain the ancient key. Beginning with a murder in London, the group’s activities start to spread across the globe, drawing the indefatigable Dr Emily Wess and her husband, Michael Torrance, into a new web of arcane secrets and troubling truths. Claiming to carry on the mysteries of antiquity, the church’s threats begin to grow darker and more ominous.

Meanwhile, as preparations are being finalised for an Independence Day parade in central Chicago, the finishing touches are being put on a device that will wreak untold havoc on the city. But the group planning the attack is not chanting the traditional anti-American slogans the FBI anticipates. As Emily and Michael delve into the heart of the secretive sect, the links between events in Egypt and Chicago begin to multiply. Will they be able to intercept the group’s leader before an ancient promise unleashes a very modern curse?

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