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29 August 2013

Book Launch - RISING by Elizabeth Marshall

‘It wasn’t power that corrupted me but boredom’ 
Elizabeth Marshall - Rising.

This story is very different to anything Marshall has written before. It is a chilling tale of sinister betrayal, a dark fantasy drama that tells the story of the calculated destruction of a man’s character. She has not avoided controversy and at times the book unashamedly tackles issues that will inspire complex moral debates.

What started as a short character outline has evolved into 120 000 word story, which is as dark and harrowing as her other books are light and comforting. Rising is a frightening and honest portrayal of humanity. There are no clear lines between right and wrong. Characters are raw and exposed and at times the story is deeply personal. You are promised a gripping read that will stay with you long after you have finished the book.

About the Author

Elizabeth Marshall is the writing alter ego of a lady born in the province of Natal, South Africa. After Elizabeth married she moved to the UK with her husband and together they have raised five children, lived in three different countries and twelve different houses. The family recently returned to Derbyshire where they hope to stay for the foreseeable future.

Visit Elizabeth Marshall;s website at  and follow her on twitter @EM_Writes 


  1. Thank you most sincerely for your kindness and support,Tony. x

  2. Thank you Tony and Elizabeth. I downloaded in the night as a read for the long weekend and as an excuse not to read anymore of The Casual Vacancy for the time being. Will post a review on Amazon in due course. Alexander.

  3. Thank you kindly Alexander. I am honoured my friend and I hope you enjoy the story. x Sending you loads of love and hugs for a wonderful week. x


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