5 August 2013

Special Guest Post by Rosemary Gallagher - I Listened To My Heart

Some people come into your life and make a big impact, some not so much.  However, when a twin soulmate/flame crosses your path, trust me, your life will never be the same.

My passion for writing only happened a few years ago. I had never written anything in my life! However, that changed the day my path crossed with the man I believe to be my twin soulmate. This encounter has changed my life forever. And for the better I must say.  Everything really does happen for a reason!

For the first couple of years I didn’t even know that he was my twin soulmate; I had never even heard of the word until a medium I visited a couple of years later told me about it. I had already started on my spiritual path but after I met my twin my spiritual journey escalated. I had already learned how to read the tarot cards, and I was having fun with it.  My connection with my guardian angel which had always been strong got even stronger.

I hadn’t had much luck in love and had never really been in love before. Of course, I had had my share of fun over the years and a few major infatuations - but nothing compared to the feelings I had for this man. At first, I didn’t understand why I felt the way I did, this certainty and knowing -ness that came from so deep within my soul. He was on my mind 24/7. I was consumed by him.

There were many times I thought I was losing it, because apart from our first date he was doing nothing to encourage me. In fact he was pushing me away. Although, I knew he had strong feelings for me and that was what was so frustrating. I was driving myself and everyone around me crazy. I had to find an outlet to express my feelings as the angst and frustration of not being with him was taking its toll.

My sister was the one who suggested that I should write down my feelings; she thought it might help me. I wasn’t very good at writing but then I thought… what the hell no one was going to see it, or so I thought. J  So I channelled my energy to the keyboard and I started writing down my story… and the words just poured out of me. I started to think it could even be turned into a good little novel. Then I started to receive messages from my angels telling me… “You have to write this book.”  I didn’t know why they were continually telling me to do this as I was NOT a writer.

Well my angels knew better - as they always do. I discovered that I did have a talent….a creative one! So with the help of an editor I ended up writing my book called I Listened To My Heart. It is a fictional novel although it is inspired by encounter with my twin soulmate. And it didn’t stop there. I also started to write lyrics to love songs and have written over 50 songs and many have received high acknowledgement in various worldwide competitions; one has even been selected for consideration for a top country artist which I “coincidently” wrote about in my book (page 341). A couple of other “surprising occurrences” have happened since I have written the book. I am hoping I may have written my own reality!  

I Listened To My Heart follows the life of Rose O’Carroll who at the age of 40 leaves her life in Melbourne to embark on a new life in London, all under the guidance of her angels. Rose is a likeable and funny character with great friendships, gorgeous interactions with her angels, and a twin soulmate to throw her life out of whack!  It is one woman’s story of what can happen if you truly listen to your inner voice and believe in love.  It’s fun, light, quirky and heartfelt.

I may have lost myself for a while in my twin, but through losing myself… I also found myself. He has given me the greatest gift of all: ME. And maybe that was one of the reasons he came into my life - to help me to find my life’s purpose and become the woman I am today. If so, he has done his job, and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think at the age of 50 I would have given up the corporate world - written a book, be reading tarot cards professionally – and be writing lyrics to love songs - Never say never!

 I Listened To My Heart is available on
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About the Author

Aussie born and bred Rosemary Gallagher is a novelist, lyricist, tarot consultant and angel intuitive. Rosemary has been living in London since 2000. Recently she left the corporate world to concentrate on her creative pursuits and spiritual development. I Listened to My Heart is Rosemary's debut novel - it’s an uplifting story of faith, love and friendship.  Rosemary is passionate about life and all things spiritual, with a strong interest in twin soul connections. You can visit Rosemary's website on www.rosemarygallagher.com and find her on Twitter @rosemarysangels

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