6 June 2014

First Chosen By M. Todd Gallowglas @MGallowglas

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An epic fantasy about a young woman who frees a dark god of vengeance from a thousand year prison and he names her his high priest, unfortunately for her, it's illegal for her people to worship this god, punishable by death and the destruction of her soul.

“This is really great stuff! The characters seem real, three dimensional people, not typical fantasy types.” - James Rollins, Author of THE DEVIL COLONY and MAP OF BONES.

"First Chosen isn't just a book - it is a window into another world." - Merelan Jones of Renaissance Productions.

FIRST CHOSEN is the story of Julianna, a noble from the conquered kingdom of Koma. In her moment of greatest need, she frees an ancient god, Grandfather Shadow, from his thousand-year prison. In his "gratitude," the god names her his high priest and commands Julianna to lead his people to greatness once again. Unfortunately, it is a capital crime for any of Julianna's people to worship one of the five ancient gods - the punishment is not just execution but also the destruction of the soul. While evading Inquisitors of All Father Sun and the followers of the god of death, Julianna must learn to use the vast power that Grandfather Shadow has given her in order to survive long enough to unite Grandfather Shadow's fractured people.

And so begins, TEARS OF RAGE a dark, epic fantasy about the power of faith and belief, where even though the gods can inspire these qualities in mortals, it is those same mortals that truly control the religions that form from any god’s divine inspiration. It is also a swashbuckling tale of political intrigue where men scheme against each other and the gods, and how friendship, loyalty, and faith can help people persevere through the darkest times. Fans of George RR Martin's A GAME OF THRONES and Steven Erickson's THE MALAZAN BOOK OF THE FALLEN with find themselves right at home with the TEARS OF RAGE sequence.

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About the Author

M Todd Gallowglas is the bestselling author of the Tears of Rage and Halloween Jack series. After graduating, Todd returned to his career as professional storyteller at Renaissance faires and Celtic festivals. His first professional sale was to Fantasy Flight Games, and he has a run of stories for their Call of Chthulu game line. Nearly all of his eBooks have been Amazon bestsellers, and First Chosen spent most of 2012 on Amazon’s Dark Fantasy and Fantasy Series lists. He lives in California with his wife, three children, and more pets than they need. Find out more at http://www.mtoddgallowglas.com/

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