11 June 2014

Guest Post ~ The inspiration for ‘Stop the World’ by Elle May

Two women from different worlds swap lives

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It is an honour that Tony asked me to write a blog for his website.  I’ve enjoyed writing for most of my life it is always a thrill when people ask me about it.  I started writing ‘Stop the World I want to get Off’, many years ago.  The inspiration came from a combination of watching the night sky, wondering about ‘what if’ and whether our lives are all destined or can we change it.   There is such a vast universe out there; it must be possible to have other life forms.

The book is pitched more as a ‘slice of life’, looking at meeting visitors from other universes being straightforward; similar to learning about other cultures. I wanted to explore the possibilities of how someone can slip into someone else’s shoes without being noticed.  So many people lose touch with each other, especially if they move to the other side of the world and they have so many misunderstandings too.

Stop the World is the first of a trilogy and I have included underlying themes to complement the story line.  Over several years I have been privileged to meet so many interesting people and learn about their spiritual beliefs.  It is useful to discover what does work for them and what helps make a difference and improve their lives.  So as the series continues the reader can follow Georgie’s life lessons.

Elle May

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About the Author

Elle May comes from a large charismatic family, who live in various parts of the world; giving a constant source of inspiration.  She currently lives close to the Chiltern Hills where some of her favourite writers have resided. Elle has worked in Human Resources, training and education. For many years she has helped children and teenagers progress with reading and see some begin a love affair with books. Elle enjoys writing and says she would love to ignite and encourage reluctant readers to enjoy reading.

Elle has recently started a short story blog at http://ellemay4444.wordpress.com/ and you can follow her on Twitter @ElleMay44

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