2 June 2018

Book Launch Spotlight: The Captive Princess: Eleanor Fair Maid of Brittany, by J.P. Reedman

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Princess. Marriage Prize. Prisoner.

Eleanor of Brittany is sent to live in the household of her esteemed grandmother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and brought up expecting to be the bride of a powerful prince. But when the marriage proposed for her as part of Richard Lionheart's ransom falls through and King Richard dies a few years later at Chalus, she is returned to her mother and her beloved younger brother Arthur in Brittany. 

John now sits on the throne of England, something Eleanor and Arthur both resent, for they are the children of his elder brother, Geoffrey, and many men say their claim to England supersedes John's . Arthur's desire for a crown leads the pair to ally with France and attack their aged grandmother in the castle of Mirabeau, a move that brings untold disaster to both.

Beautiful Eleanor, the Pearl of Brittany, is held captive in England from that day forth, through the reign of two kings-never tried, charged with no offence, her only crime her royal Plantagenet blood.

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About the Author

J. P. Reedman was born in Canada but has lived in the U.K. for nearly 25 years. Her Interests include folklore & anthropology, prehistoric archaeology (neolithic/bronze age Europe; ritual, burial & material culture), as well as The Wars of the Roses and other medieval eras. Find out more at her website http://stone-lord.blogspot.com/ and find her on Twitter @StoneLord1

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