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14 June 2018

Raising awareness of your books with podcasts #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

If you're looking for another free (or low cost) way to reach a wider audience, it's worth considering podcasting. I'm fairly new to this, so I'd like to share my 'learning curve' with you and perhaps save you some time.

The first thing you need is somewhere to 'host' your podcasts. There are plenty to choose from but after researching several I chose Podbean. As well as being free (or low cost if you start getting ambitious) Podbean provides great support 24/7 and it's easy to link your podcasts to iTunes and similar sites, where you reach a whole new potential audience.

Next, it's worth investing in a decent microphone designed for the purpose. I bought a 'Yeti' USB microphone which is great as it can eliminate any background noise, but there are plenty to choose from.

I use a MacBook Pro, so my son recommended the free GarageBand app, which was easy to use for recording - but I've now chosen to upgrade to Final Cut Pro, which has loads more features and I can also post my podcasts to YouTube. (There are equivalents on Windows - if you can recommend any please add a comment below.)

You can add your author branding to your podcast page, and include a short bio and social media links, which I found easy to do on Podbean. It's also a good to listen to podcasts from other authors, and to connect with like-minded podcasters and share their content.

Finally, having tried 'winging it' I recommend drafting a script, even if it's just a few bullet point prompts. You don't want to be 'reading aloud' but I find it's surprising how your mind can go blank with a microphone in front of you. 

I try to keep mine to between fifteen and twenty minutes, although many podcasts are much longer. As with life, what you will get back from podcasting depends on what you put in to it, but If you're worried about the time it takes, once you've set it up you only need to spare half an hour a month.  

If you would like to see my podcasts on Podbean you can listen to them here:

Tony Riches

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  1. It has helped me, Thank you for sharing this information.
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  2. Interesting idea. I'd never thought about doing a podcast. I write YA, and not sure how many young people listen to podcasts, but it's definitely something I'll research. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are so much braver than me! Podcasting scares the bejeezus out of me. These are great tips, though. I would need a full script. Great post, and I'll add it into my Facebook post schedule. :)

  4. Tony, what great podcasts! Good idea to talk about your research for your historical stories. I enjoyed learning about the world of the early Tudors. Thanks!

    By the way, Raimey, I'd need a full script, too.

  5. Great advice Tony, I love listening to podcasts and find it easier to find half an hour whilst driving or cooking to listen than to sit and read a blog post at times. Most of my favourite blogs also have a podcast, so maybe when I'm feeling brave I'll give it a go! Thanks for the recommendations.

  6. I'm too busy to do my own podcast, but I wouldn't mind being a guest. I've participated in one "radio" show over the phone and enjoyed it.

  7. I've considered and reconsidered podcasting. My two stumbling blocks are the technology (which you've helpfully demystified) and the time.

    I've heard it's not just coming up with a topic and doing the talking. There is also a lot of post-production time. Is that true? How long does it take you to edit and upload a 15-minute podcast?


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