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11 June 2018

Guest Post by Naomi Finley, Author of A Slave of the Shadows

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In 1850 Charleston, South Carolina, brutality and cruelty simmer just under the genteel surface of Southern society. In an era where ladies are considered mere property, beautiful and headstrong Willow Hendricks’ father has filled her life with turmoil, secrets, and lies.

The inspiration to write A Slave of the Shadows came from my interest in the dark Antebellum era of American history. I’ve been captivated by slavery during this time period most of my life. The courage and perseverance of this group of people has always amazed me. Our problems today seem so minuscule compared to what these slaves endured.

My protagonist (Willow) was inspired by the strong-minded women that line the pages of history. I feel like I can relate to females from this generation because it was instilled in me growing up that men should be in a position of prominence over women.

Females were discouraged from having a voicåe and the expectation for me to wear a dress to my ankles was commonplace. Despite these experiences, I did not create Willow as a reflection of myself, but I did mold her relationship with her father after my own.

This book conveys a strong message about the equality and resiliency of humanity regardless of race or gender. I have always believed diversity is an essential attribute of any nation.

A Slave of the Shadows is my first novel. When I decided to create it a year and a half ago, it made sense for me to write about the Antebellum era I was so passionate about. I feel passion is the first step to achieving success, and the issue of equity universally stirs emotions for many people around the world.

Naomi Finley

"The author, Naomi Finley, has skillfully crafted an epic story of oppression and obsession set in the deep south during a time when equality was unheard of and slavery was the norm. The characters of Willow and Whitney are perfectly developed, and the descriptions of life in these times is both upsetting and awe-inspiring. This is absolutely a book that has to be read if possible in one sitting, because it is impossible to put down. - Readers' Favorite.

"A Slave of the Shadows is breathtaking."- Pursuing Stacie

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About the Author

Naomi Finley lives in Northern Alberta. Her love for travel means her suitcase is always on standby while she awaits her next plane ticket and adventure. Her love for history and the Deep South is driven by the several years she spent as a child living in a Tennessee plantation house. She comes from a family of six sisters. She married her high school sweetheart and has two teenage children and two dogs named Ginger and Snaps. Creativity and passion are the focus of her life. Apart from writing fiction, her interests include interior design, cooking new recipes, throwing lavish dinner parties, movies, health, and fitness. Find out more at Naomi's and follow her on Facebook and Twitter @FinleyAuthor

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