9 August 2019

Historical Fiction Spotlight: The King's Commoner: The rise and fall of Cardinal Wolsey (The Tudor Saga Series Book 2) by David Field

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Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Lord Chancellor of England and Archbishop of York owes his favoured status to the most volatile monarch that the nation has ever known.

In an age when a man can be a royal favourite one day, and consigned to an unspeakable death the next, Wolsey walks the tightrope above his many enemies.

Chief among these is the bullying Duke of Norfolk, scion of a noble family who bitterly resents the preferment of a butcher’s son to positions of power and influence that he regards as his by birth.

Norfolk sees his chance when Wolsey fails King Henry VIII in his attempt to secure the annulment of his marriage to Katherine of Aragon, so Anne Boleyn can be made Queen.

In the maelstrom of Tudor politics, Wolsey learns the hard way that loyalty and ability will not protect a fallen favourite from the sting of royal wrath…

The King’s Commoner is the second thrilling historical adventure novel in the Tudor Saga Series, chronicling the rise and fall of one of England’s most powerful royal families.

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About the Author

David Field was born in post-war Nottingham, and educated at Nottingham High School. After obtaining a Law degree he became a career-long criminal law practitioner and academic, emigrating in 1989 to Australia, where he still lives. Combining his two great loves of History and the English language he began writing historical novels as an escape from the realities of life in the criminal law, but did not begin to publish them until close to full time retirement, when digital publishing offered a viable alternative to literary agencies, print publishers and rejection slips. Now blessed with all the time in the world, his former hobby has become a full time occupation as he enjoys life in rural New South Wales with his wife, sons and grandchildren to keep him firmly grounded in the reality of the contemporary world. Find out more at david's website https://davidfieldauthor.com/ and find him on Facebook and Twitter

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