14 August 2019

The Ultimate Chess Novel: Queen Sacrifice

Two kings are fighting for their lives, and the stakes 
have never been higher.

10th Century Wales is a country divided, with the kingdom of the south becoming Saxon and the north violently defending the old ways. The inevitable civil war is brutal and savage in this tale of divided loyalty and revenge, treachery and love. The bishops of Wales struggle to keep the faith while knights and warlords turn events to advantage and the lives of ordinary people are changed forever by the conflict. 

Queen Sacrifice is a tale of love and sacrifice, soldiers and spies, heroes and assassins, who meet in the war to end all wars. The tale is perfect for fans of George R R Martin. The narrative also follows every move in the queen sacrifice game, known as ‘The Game of the Century’ between Donald Byrne and 13-year-old Bobby Fischer on October 17th, 1956.

Praise for Queen Sacrifice:

'Queen Sacrifice stands in quality and complexity with any novel of the genre. Look out George R.R. Martin, Tony Riches is coming for you!’ – Rabid Reader Reviews

'A fast-paced read for those who love history and chess' - Black & White Magazine

Cover of Chess Review, December 1956.

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