4 October 2021

Special Guest Post by Regis Sheehan, Author of Black Entry

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The year 1965 marked the first large-scale introduction of American troops into the Vietnam War - but it was hardly the beginning of US involvement. During the years of 1962 and 1963, the Central Intelligence Agency was running Project Tiger, an extensive operation that sent numerous teams of indigenous personnel into North Vietnam for the purposes of espionage, sabotage and political warfare. In doing so, they mimicked similar US and British efforts to infiltrate Eastern Europe in the 1950’s. The results in both cases were similar.

Firstly, I appreciate Tony’s offer to let me post this on his blog. It is historical fiction, in the sense of recent historical developments.

Much of Black Entry is based on actual CIA operations against North Vietnam during the early 1960’s. While the material was previously classified at the Secret or higher level, it has now been declassified and is open to the general public.

This is the fifth of my novels and is a break with the others, which deal with a notional off-the-books covert action agency (“JICSA” or “the Org”) of the US Government.

The earlier books (Supplicant, Surrogate, Sicario and Succubus) are part of “the Org” series.

Respectively, the other novels deal with:

- Al-Qaeda and the run-up to the 9/11 attacks

- Narco-terrorism in the Caribbean

- The hunt for Pablo Escobar in Colombia

- The planned defection of a North Korean nuclear scientist

More Org books (and others) are in the offing. For more detail, please see www.sheehan-fiction.com

And thanks for your time!

Regis Sheehan

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About the Author

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and now a resident of Northern Virginia, the author is a former Special Agent of the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS), US State Department. His career included criminal investigations and dignitary protection in the Miami and Washington field offices, as well as a tour in MSD - or the DSS Mobile Security Division. With MSD he provided training, tactical support to protective details and emergency security enhancement to high threat embassies and consulates around the world. Assigned overseas, he was a member of the Regional Security Offices in El Salvador, South Africa and China. Prior to retirement, he served as the Chief of the DSS Counterintelligence Division. He is currently a contractor in that same group. Find out more at http://www.sheehan-fiction.com/

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