7 October 2021

Special Guest Post ~ The inspiration behind The Promise ~ A World War II Historical Romance, By Kathleen Harryman

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How far would you go to keep a promise?
In the heat of battle, one man's promise to another will be tested.

The inspiration behind  The Promise 

My dad was the main inspiration behind The Promise. I have grown-up listening to him talk about his father Lance-Corporal James Chappell who died fighting in WWII.

My grandfather Lance - Corporal James Chappell
in his Seaforth Highlander 5th Battalion uniform.

Growing up without his dad had a huge impact on him. Though his mum remarried it was the never the same as having his dad at his side. The Promise was about working with Lucy’s outline to tell my grandfather’s story, with subtle changes so that it wasn’t a memoir, but a reflection on the person he was.

I have listened to so many relatives recount their tales about WW II that writing the book became more than just a story. It is a celebration of all those who fought, worked and died so that we could have the life and freedom we have today.

Like Will Aaron, sitting beside his grandma listening to her tell him stories of life during the Great War; I have grown up listening to my family tell theirs. They have not only shared their experiences, but the experiences of their friends.

As I have said my grandfather never made it home. He died en route to the rendezvous in Normandy. My great uncle found his body and carried it, placing it beneath a tree, so he knew when the fighting stopped where to find his brothers body. It is these memories that shall live on.

Notice of Death given to my Nana Elizabeth Nutman
informing her of her husband’s death)

As I wrote The Promise, I have shed more than my share of tears. The bravery and courage of all is profound. I haven’t needed to elaborate their stories. And while I have changed some of the circumstance, and locations, such as the tale of Arthur Shearsmith, they remain factually true.

When I told my dad about The Promise the smile on his face was and shall always be my biggest reward. My dad died on the 27th April 2018, he never got to see The Promise in print.

The Promise is very close to my heart. It is book written in memory and with love for everyone to remember those who gave their lives for freedom. It is also my gift to my dad Neville Chappell and my grandfather Lance-Corporal James Chappell.

Kathleen Harryman

“ Tenderest memories are all we have left. Of one we all loved
and will never forget.”

# # #

About the Author

Kathleen Harryman is a storyteller and poet in the historically rich city of York, North Yorkshire, England, with her husband, children and pet dog and cat. Kathleen was first published in 2015, a romantic suspense entitled The Other Side of the Looking Glass. Since then, Kathleen has developed a unique writing style which readers have enjoyed, and she became a multi-genre author of suspense, psychological thrillers, poetry and historical romance. Finf out more at Kathleen's website www.kathleenharryman.com/ and follow her on Facebook and Twitter @KathleenHarrym1

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