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24 February 2022

Historical Fiction Spotlight: The Scribe (The Two Daggers, Book 1) by Elizabeth R. Andersen

Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

All Henri of Maron wanted was to stay with his family on his country estate, surrounded by lemon groves and safety. 

But in 13th century Palestine, when noble-born boys are raised to fight for the Holy Land, young Henri will be sent to live and train among men who hate him for what he is: a French nobleman of an Arab mother. 

Robbed of his humanity and steeped in cruelty, his encounters with a slave soldier, a former pickpocket, and a kindly scribe will force Henri to confront his own beliefs and behaviors. Will Henri maintain the status quo in order to fit into a society that doesn’t want him, or will fate intervene first?

The first book in The Two Daggers series, The Scribe takes readers on a sweeping adventure through the years and months that lead up to the infamous Siege of Acre in 1291 CE and delves into the psyches of three young people caught up in the wave of history.

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About the Author

Elizabeth R. Andersen spent many years of her life as a journalist, independent fashion designer, and tech employee, there have always been two consistent loves in her life: writing and history. She finally decided to do something about this and put them both together. Elizabeth lives in the Seattle area with her long-suffering husband and young son. On the weekends she usually hikes in the stunning Cascade mountains to hide from people and dream up new plotlines and characters. Elizabeth is a member of the Historical Novel Society and the Alliance of Independent Authors. Find out more at her website  and find Elizabeth on Facebook and Twitter @E_R_A_writes

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