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6 February 2022

Using the Buffer App to Increase the value of your time on Twitter

As a full time author I have to limit the time I spend on Twitter, but enjoy the interaction with readers - and with the thriving writing community.

My solution is to use the free Buffer App to help increase the value of my time spent on Twitter. Buffer can also be used with  Facebook Pages and Groups, LinkedIn Profiles and Pages, and Pinterest (with a Premium subscription).

I have Buffer added to my browser toolbar, so if I see an interesting web article I can generate a 'Tweet' with a shortened link with one click, the choose the most appropriate add interest:

As well as 'retweeting' posts with interest me, I also have the option to add them to the Buffer scheduler, to be sent automatically at the best times, while I'm busy with writing or research.

It's also useful to switch to the Posts tab to see engagement statistics such as clicks, likes, replies, comments and shares. (The Premium features include more detailed analytics features for delving into your engagement stats.)

After using Buffer my follower numbers have tripled, while the amount of time spent has reduced to less than half an hour a day.  Find out more at 


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