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7 March 2023

Book Launch Spotlight: Storm of War (The Saxon Warrior Series Book 2) by Peter Gibbons

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The fight for a torn Kingdom rests in the hands of a few brave men…

King Aethelred II, who men will one day call The Unready, rules over a land divided by the shadowy spin of his mother Queen Ælfthryth and the sprawling power of the Church.

The Viking Warlord, Olaf Tryggvason smelling the Kingdoms weakness brings the vicious Jomsvikings to the Saxon coastline ravenous for war and plunder.

Together Lord Byrthnoth, Ealdorman of the East Saxons and Beornoth his Saxon Thegn lead a force of oath sworn Viking killers, every bit as brutal and war-skilled as the Norse invaders to protect the Kingdom against enemies both from within, and from the cruel seas. They are pushed to the very limits of their bravery and endurance in a desperate fight for the very existence of the Saxon Kingdom.

In a riveting story of treachery, betrayal, vengeance and war, can Beornoth defeat his enemies and protect the Kingdom from destruction?

Storm of War continues the unmissable Viking historical fiction saga series which began with Peter Gibbons' Warrior & Protector.

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About the Author

Peter Gibbons is the winner of the 2022 Kindle Storyteller Literary Award, and an author based in Kildare in Ireland, with a passion for Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and of course writing! Peter was born in Warrington in the UK and studied Law at Liverpool John Moores University, before taking up a career in Financial Services. Peter currently lives and works in Kildare Ireland, and is married with three children. Find out more at  Peter's website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter @AuthorGibbons

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