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23 March 2023

Special Guest Post by Deb Stratas, Author of the Diana Spencer Series

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Would you like to read the real story behind The Crown? How did a naïve nineteen-year-old British kindergarten teacher's assistant become the famous Princess of Wales? 

Diana, The Uncrowned Princess

As the coronation of HM, King Charles III and his wife, Queen (Consort) Camilla fast approaches, one can’t help thinking of the princess who was never crowned – the late Diana, Princess of Wales. 

Diana’s story is familiar to many of us – the young “Shy Di” who married the bachelor Prince Charles at the naive age of twenty – the fairy-tale wedding in 1981. The young Mum, trying to find her feet in the global spotlight, with a world who never left her alone. The sad divorcee, struggling with a third person in the marriage. The emerging strong woman, who had overcome an eating disorder, loss of her true love, and unflinching public scrutiny to become confident and focussed on her children and important causes like banning personal landmines. And finally, the sad heroine who died tragically in a Paris tunnel at the too-young age of thirty-six.

 1997 seems like a long time ago, but the image of the late princess is still very much alive – whether it be in the images that never leave our television and iphone screens – or in the lives of her children William and Harry, and grandchildren. A living legacy.

If somehow, Charles and Diana had been able to overcome their challenges, and renew their love, would she be the one being crowned on May 6th? It seems impossible to imagine. Twenty-six years on, Diana would be sixty-two – undoubtedly still glamorous, but aging like all of us. Would she have continued to embrace many causes, evolved her fashion sense, become a social media presence? It’s impossible to know. For certain, she would have guided her young sons for a much longer time, embraced their wives and families, and been an involved Granny. Harry, for one, would probably be the better for having his Mum involved in his life beyond the age of twelve. Her naughty sense of humour would still prevail, and I can only imagine the hours of fun she would have enjoyed with her family and friends.

Or what if she had never gotten into that car with an intoxicated driver, and died tragically? How would her life have been as a mature, divorced woman? Would she have found the deep and abiding love that she desperately wanted? Would she possibly have had more children? I, for one, believe that she may have had other relationships, but I’m not sure she would have ever found that one true love that she needed. We’ll never know. 

Many people have said that Diana should have been the rightful Queen, alongside Prince Charles. That Camilla was the “other woman,” and caused the breakdown of the royal marriage. As with any relationship, no one really knows what went on behind closed doors. Much evidence exists that Charles and Diana were in love in the early years, and that Charles was committed to making the marriage work. Both parties are known to have tempers, and Diana’s troubled childhood left her unhealed, and ill-equipped to handle a healthy relationship. The age difference meant that the couple were from different generations, with very little in common. And make no mistake, life in the glare of the royal spotlight must place unimaginable pressures on all parties.

Regardless, there was infidelity on both Charles’ and Diana’s parts. Ironically, the great love story here is Charles and Camilla. The pair have been in love for decades, and have stood by each other through many trials. As his wife and helpmate, Camilla has been a quiet supporter, and is known to bring out the best in her husband. She has taken public abuse for most of her life, and has never once complained. She has taken on a full complement of charitable works, and at the age of seventy-five, is a full-time senior working royal. She and Charles have now been married three years longer than his union to Diana lasted. She is beloved by her family and Charles’. Constitutionally, she deserves to be Queen. She has more than earned it.

Is it sad that Diana never became Queen? Of course, it is. Would she have been a good Queen? Maybe. She herself never believed she would be crowned next to Charles. In the famous 1996 Panorama interview, she declared that she wanted to be the Queen of People’s Hearts. And that she certainly has become, enduringly and endearingly for all of us.

Do you want to revisit Diana’s incredible story? My Diana Spencer Series explores Diana’s life in three parts. Historically accurate, these novels follow the late princess from her early days meeting Prince Charles, up to her tragic death. You will feel like you are in the room with her – listening to her voice, experiencing her life events. 

 What readers have said: 

“Terrific story, well told. You really feel like you're there in 1980, reliving history with Princess Diana. Can't wait for the second book!”

“Book 2 in the Spencer series didnt disappoint!! The authors uncanny ability to get inside Diana's head during the most tumultuous time in her life is extraordinary! I devoured this book in a day! So excited to read more from this author!”

“Best trilogy ever. Looking for your next Royal book? Here are 3!! Awesome and so well written. I couldn’t put them down yet I wanted them to last forever!!”

Diana, A Spencer in Love is a novel that spans the first extraordinary year of Princess Diana’s royal life. As a novel, it tells the story from Diana’s own point of view - this is her voice telling us what happened in the early ’80s. Everyone knows the bare facts about Lady Diana Spencer, but no one has told the story of what this remarkable young woman was thinking, feeling, and experiencing during this incredible time. Available in e-book, paperback, large print, and audio formats. 

Diana, A Spencer in Turmoil explores the extraordinary events of 1992 as they unfolded to that fateful moment when the British Prime Minister announced: “It is announced from Buckingham Palace that, with regret, the Prince and Princess of Wales have decided to separate.” This second book is biographical fiction that brings us to the year of the Andrew Morton book, affairs, eating disorders, and ultimately a marital separation. Available in e-book, paperback and large print. 

How did a fashion icon transform into a beloved humanitarian on the world stage? How was the Princess of Wales able to successfully navigate a complex marital situation to her advantage? Was she or wasn’t she in love that final summer? Diana, A Spencer Forever answers all these questions as the final chapters in Princess Diana’s story unfold in 1996 and 1997. Explore the final months leading up to her tragic death, and the global grieving phenomenon that came to define her. Available in e-book, paperback and large print. 

Do you want to peek through the windows of Princess Diana’s homes? At Home with Diana is a non-fiction that tells her story through the lenses of her palaces and residences in Scotland and England. I personally visited each and every home, and the book is filled with historical tidbits, photos, and travel trips. With over 100 4-star reviews on amazon, At Home with Diana is a popular way to relive the princess’s amazing life. “Filled with well-researched historical details blended beautifully with current information. Wonderful writing style. I felt like I’d stepped in to Diana’s world.” Available in e-book, paperback and large print. 

Deb Stratas

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About the Author

Deb Stratas tells well-researched and highly readable stories about powerful women in extraordinary circumstances. The Kingston Twins, Bravery in the Blitz and The Kingston Twins, Wartime Heart are the first novels in her British WWII series about brave sisters, Tillie, Maggie and Katie. Deb is well known for her Diana Spencer historical fiction trilogy with its accompanying non-fiction At Home with Diana. Deb is based in Toronto, Canada and cherishes spending time with her two amazing adult children, their spouses, and two grandchildren. Find out more at Deb's website and find her on Facebook and Twitter @deb_stratas

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