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17 March 2023

Historical Fiction Spotlight: The King's Son, by Darren Harris

Available on Kindle at Amazon UK and Amazon US
and paperback from Arcanum Press

A crown so easily won, can be lost in a heartbeat.

A life changing secret propels Richard of Eastwell into the centre of a bitter power struggle between the houses of York and Tudor at the climax of the War of the Roses. King Richard's only legitimate son and heir is dead but, known only to a few loyal friends and family, his firstborn son is alive and cared for by a priest in a village in Kent.

On the eve of the Battle of Bosworth, Richard is brought to meet his father, Richard III, who promises to acknowledge his son publicly once the conflict is won. However, treachery plays its part in King Richard's fatal downfall, resulting in Henry Tudor being crowned King Henry VII.

From the slaughter of the battlefield many vanquished Yorkists escape, but from the ashes of defeat a new Yorkist army will rise to challenge King Henry. Richard of Eastwell, with an army at his back, is intent on one thing; revenge upon those who betrayed his father.

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About the Author

Darren Harris grew up in Leicestershire, England, where he still lives with his family. He left school and set up business as a calligrapher before attending both Leicester universities to pursue a career in teaching. After obtaining a BA(Hons) in History & Media and a PGCE in History, he has gone on to work at several city and county mainstream and special needs schools as a teacher and Head of History. He has a lifelong interest in history, particularly the medieval and Tudor periods. He has researched many friends’ family trees and also traced his own family tree back to the fifteenth century. He is a founding member of his local heritage society and gives talks on matters of historical interests to local heritage and historical societies, including the Richard III Society.  Follow Darran on Twitter @DHarrisAuthor

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